Denver Foundation

If you are looking to get involved with a great non-profit in the Denver area that benefits the local community, consider investing in or volunteering with the Denver Foundation. The foundation was established in 1925 in order to “inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen our community.” They are Colorado’s oldest and largest community foundation. I’m a fan of this foundation because it recognizes that global changes start right at home.

The foundation addresses a wide range of needs in the area, from education and poverty to environmental conservation.

With over $108 million dollars granted to the foundation in 2014, how does the non-profit implement its mission? The Denver Foundation has three roles. First, they work with their large endowment to meet the needs of the Denver area. Second, they cooperate with local leaders to overcome challenges that face the community. Third, they manage approximately 1,000 charitable funds that benefit individuals, families, and businesses. Their work shows that strong relationships within a local community is how we can make society better for all of us and equip people with the necessary support system to get out of poverty.

In 2011, the foundation asked Denver, what changes do you want to see in your city?  By formulating values based off of the responses of 800 people, the foundation established their mission. They recognize that Denver residents want all of their neighbors to have access to employment and economic opportunity, be able to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, and health care; and obtain high-quality education for their children. Working with organizations throughout the city makes this vision more transparent. The Denver Foundation continues to pursue a dialogue with the city by listening to both its donors and recipients of its charity, an impressive feat for such a large organization.

The Foundation has a variety of exciting developments underway. They are sponsoring a “Our Future in the Making,” in celebration of the group’s 90th anniversary. Until November 30th, the public is invited to submit stories, images, and videos under the theme, “how can you strengthen the community over the next 90 years?”  Each week is categorized under a different topic, such as Homelessness or Job Creation. Three weekly winners will win a prize from a Denver store that benefits women. This project is a great way for people to reach out over social media and get involved with the organization.

For more information, and to see how you can get involved, please see the Foundation’s website

from Tom Cutshall & Philanthropy

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