The Best of CES 2016: What’s Ahead in Tech

CES 2016

CES is the annual Consumer Electronics Show held to showcase the most exciting tech products expected to hit shelves in the near future.

The biggest tech companies join forces in Las Vegas in an impressive exhibition of their latest innovations and wacky gadgets. Companies come from around the world; show covers 2 million square feet of space and attracts about 175,000 international attendees every year.

This year, CES dangles closer to the edge of science fiction, daring to make once visionary imaginings of tech into reality. It’s a festival of futuristic dreams coming true.

Not only are there cool products to check out, but companies hold press conferences to announce their products for the upcoming year. For example, LG announced an 18-inch rollable OLED display that can be “rolled up like a newspaper”



Here are some of my favorite products emerging from this year’s CES:

Oculus Rift VR Headset

Slip on a mask and enter a new universe – this is virtual reality. Everyone’s been talking about the the Oculus Rift this CES. This VR headset was just an early version of a virtual reality system a few years ago when it started as a Kickstarter project. Now, it the consumer version of the headset is set to be released at $599.

Read more about the Oculus Rift.


Ehang Passenger Drone

While it might not be legal in the US yet, this all-electronic, smart vehicle is completely autonomous once it flies. Its developers are from a Chinese company who wanted to create a safe plane after losing friends in dangerous helicopter accidents. The drone safely flies itself and its passenger is just along for the ride.

Read more from NBC.


Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S

As we approach the convergence of the desktop computer and tablet, Samsung is leading the pack with their new TabPro. This model is anticipated to be the thinnest and lightest tablet-laptop on the market – it’s great for working in the office and home- and punches plenty of power for streaming video.

Check it out here.


Samsung’s 170-inch Super UHD TV

Sure, it’s just a television. But it’s twelve feet long.  That’s the size of two average-sized men.  The TV is composed of multiple modular panels seamlessly put together to make such a huge screen.

More from



This pyramid-shaped speaker puts the fun back into arguing over the party playlist. Individuals or groups can dictate the taste of streaming playlists by pressing “like” or “skip” buttons and the device learn to curate the next songs to your taste.

Read more at Prizm.


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