Technology Has Changed Philanthropy

The old days of writing a check and sending it in the mail to donate to an organization are long gone. The process of mailing in a check is still a valid way to donate to the charity of your choice. New and emerging technologies have changed the way people interact with organizations and how they donate to them.




In today’s day, consumers demand transparency from businesses and organizations. Donors want to be informed of how their money is being spent when they donate. Organizations are beginning to send reports to their donors to update them on what they have been doing with their donations. Sending updates to all donors can be time-consuming and sometimes costly. Organizations should be wary to keep a certain level of transparency with their donors as to not put themselves in a costly situation.


Access To Information


Anyone with an internet connection can research an organization. Donors are finding ways to get personal reviews from previous donors about how organizations worked and interacted with them. Organizations can now access information about who is more likely to donate to their cause. Both from the organization’s and donor’s viewpoint, this new accessibility to information can serve as a tool to find the best fit for them.


Ways To Donate


Social media platforms are becoming the norm where people can donate. A majority of people find their news and information through social media. Donors can now find, research and then donate to organizations through these platforms. On the other hand, organizations have to become more aware of social media trends and develop plans to reach their audiences. Organizations should create an online presence beyond their company website. Having an online presence for a philanthropic organization can be difficult. The entertainment and advertisement industries have taken advantage of social media to boost their views and interactions. Cutting through the noise to get to your audiences is a constant effort when managing social media.




It can be difficult for organizations to reach their audience through social media and other platforms. On the other hand, there are many different ways to reach your audience through these platforms. Donors can connect with other donors to discuss your organization. People can communicate with each other more efficiently. This connectivity can lead to donors discovering new organizations that they may be interested in donating to. Donors can share with their families and friends about a cause to donate to. There are many possibilities that come along with this new way of communicating.

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