Creating An Effective Business Development Strategy

Each year, businesses pull their team together to collaborate on next year’s goals and where they see themselves one year from now. This team effort transforms into a business development strategy that everyone can get behind. Implementing the strategy into the everyday business practices of each part of the team is crucial to achieving the team goals and growing as a business. This article will explain what is included in making an effective business development strategy.


Before you can start thinking of new and exciting ideas for the future you need to look to your past and evaluate efforts that did and did not work. Reference back to last year’s business development strategy and dig deep into the effectiveness of those efforts. The more you can accurately pinpoint your faults and successes in previous business development strategies the better you can create new and effective ones. Be aware of what is changing in the business environment around you. A new year brings on new challenges within your field. Be cognizant of any legal changes that apply to your business because they could easily affect the way you conduct yourself as a business.


One of the pinnacle points of creating an effective business development strategy is networking. Networking serves a plethora of needs for a business and should be one of the top priorities in any business development strategy. Attend business networking events to get your brand recognized. Network with your target audience through events or social media platforms. A key to networking with your audience is to know what ways they interact with your brand the most. Strive to always be on top of how your target audience interacts online and develop strategies to reach them.


Any good business development strategy has to have resources at their disposal to implement the strategy. A good portion of your strategy should go into outline what your exact costs are going to be to successfully execute the plan. When you are breaking down each factor of your strategy such as the networking and marketing efforts, you want to be calculating your estimated budget in the process. A varying amount of technology is going to be used to track the impact of your development strategy. Consider the costs of these technologies when creating your budget, so you have accurate measurements of your impact.

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