How Tech Will Change Business in 2019

Business and technology are two industries that rely on and work with each other. Advancements in one undoubtedly affects the other, and since technology is constantly and rapidly evolving, it is also changing the way businesses run, communicate, and analyze their operations. As 2018 comes to an end, business and tech leaders are abuzz with the ways tech will change business in the new year.  

Streamlining Services

With the majority of business operations that run online, companies are seeking more efficient and streamlined ways to communicate, track, and work with employees. 2019 may be the year of unifying work software. Companies such as Monday, Wrike, Slack, and Trello, that allow employees to collaborate, view, and track project process on singular applications will begin to gain popularity among businesses in the next year.

Social Influencers

The days of commercial marketing are slowly coming to an end. Replacing them are the bubbly social influencers with massive amounts of followers who are loyal and susceptible to product recommendations and influencer opinions. 2019 will continue to see the rise of using social influencers to market products, especially as traditional marketing techniques lose their platforms alongside the growing popularity of streaming services.

Many influencers are now managed by talent companies. This eases the process of connecting your company to an influencer that would be a good match to market your product. Collaborating with influencers can be done on a nano-level or on a bigger scale reminiscent of celebrity endorsements. Nano influencers, which Forbes describes as “someone with a few thousand followers in a well-defined sector.” Have a niche product? There’s sure to be an influencer for it, and they are usually a lot less costly than more popular social media stars.

Cyber and Data Security

Cyber attacks and data breaches dominated the news cycle in 2018, and, according to tech industry leaders, 2019 will be no different. That is, of course, only if businesses, small and large, do not begin to ramp up security measures. While small businesses feel that they are less likely to be the victim of cyber security attacks, the statistics prove otherwise. 61% of data breaches in 2017 occurred in small businesses. To protect from security breaches, small businesses should invest in cyber liability insurance, train staff to identify risky emails, and create a plan that would help them and their customers recover in the case of a security breach.

In 2019, big business needs to watch out for cyber attacks that could knock out company operations through hacking security cameras, manufacturing equipment and data centers. No longer are hackers using the old standard of web hacking to cause costly damage, but are using all means of smart technology to attack their victims. Researchers also predict that hackers will begin to implement artificial intelligence (AI) to scour networks for vulnerabilities.

2018 brought a lot to the table in terms of technology that affected the business sector. Ethical and legal questions were posed and debated, because as technology adapts and changes at a somewhat alarming rate, the way we conduct business does too. 2019 will hopefully provide answers to the questions and issues that tech posed in 2018. Regardless, the tech of 2019 is sure to make another year of business exciting and fresh.

Originally published on on January 2, 2019.

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