How AI Can Help With Lead Generation For Businesses

Artificial intelligence and Big Data are companion pieces that drive an effective lead generation strategy. Artificial intelligence cannot exist without data. And data gathering, when enhanced by machine learning, makes it possible to efficiently gather data. If you intend on improving your business’ lead generation, then you have to take a look at the relationship between your organization’s data gathering practices and AI tools. Here are two ways you can hone that relationship to improve your business’ lead generation strategy.

Business Goals and Data Collection

Whether your organization is large or small, you are collecting tons of customer and potential customer data. Through email campaigns, social media accounts, web traffic, and established networks, your organization is pumped full of contact lists and buyer personas. But what to do with that data?

AI solutions are not a one-size-fits-all. Your marketing team must either have or must develop a lead-generation strategy. Do you want to target new leads? Encourage customer loyalty? Maintain high conversions? Boost the quality of your leads? Different kinds of AI service different kinds of needs along the lead generation process.

Once you’ve aligned your lead strategy with your business’ goals, you can create a data collection strategy that best suits your needs. From there, you can choose the AI solution that best implements your defined strategy.

Making Data Meaningful

Even with refined data collection, your organization’s data sets will likely be too huge for a human marketer to properly analyze. You will want a tool that knows what you are looking for and knows how to find it. And if it doesn’t, then you will want a sophisticated AI tool that learns as it goes.

For instance, if your business relies heavily on visual elements, then an AI tool that is capable of “viewing” images will be necessary. Tools with the capacity to analyze visual data from social media feeds will help target quality leads. On the other hand, if your organization has a business-to-business focus then you will likely choose a tool that integrates with your CRM. Once integrated, the tool is able to sift through text and capture information on relationships between customers or when customers switch jobs or positions.

Marketing personnel that pays attention to the relationship between AI tools, data gathering techniques, and business goals will be able to leverage the best AI lead generation tool for an organization.

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