Networking Events in Denver, CO

Denver Colorado has been booming with new businesses and growth over the last few years. This growth also means that there is an influx of people looking for careers in the area. Denver’s growing economy has people searching for job fairs and networking events where they can socialize and meet other like-minded professionals. This article […]

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5 Tech Events that Can’t Be Missed

Attending a tech conferences is arguably the best way to learn about the industry, meet people, and potentially advance your career. Individuals attending these conferences have the opportunity to listen to lectures by established industry leaders, while finding time to network with innovative teams and individuals. There are tons of tech conferences across the country, with a few […]

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Optimism: The Politics of Silicon Valley

Politics. From the Roman Republicans, the Colonial Freeman, to pacifists and populists, contemporary democracy can only work if it adjusts to the rhythms of a quickly-changing society. It works even better if it’s optimistic about what’s coming next. In a recent TechCrunch article, by Gregory Ferenstein evaluates Washington’s inability to categorize the fiercely individualistic ideologies […]

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