The Best Podcasts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are growing your business, you might feel like you’re back in school again. “There’s gotta be a better way to do this,” you might think to yourself. Well, here are the five best podcasts, according to lead gen expert Tom Cutshall, that you can add to list for inspiration.


What do they actually do at a venture capital firm, anyway? Andreessen Horowitz (Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz) together churn out multiple podcast episodes per week. They’re typically made up of interviews with startup founders and various associates at the firm, speaking about tech talent, market intelligence, business development, policy and regulatory affairs.

The #AskGaryVee Show

Gary Vaynerchuk might be the king of the social media hustle. He is equally a family man and a powerful investor; something many people aspire to become. On the #AskGaryVee show he delves into questions concerning entrepreneurship, startups, social media, and family businesses. With a  lifetime of experience gained from building successful, multi-million dollar companies, Gary hopes in inspire a sense of confidence and self-awareness within his audience. He’s also just great to listen to.

Check him out chatting about Kobe Bryant.

Expect questions like, What’s important in a pitch to investors? What does an investor need to see to invest in a startup, beyond the ideas? How does a startup know when to add staff? What positions are most critical to line up first? He’s charismatic and brings in a wide array of interesting folks to speak on this topics.


The producers at Gimlet Media brought the world the ridiculous yet mesmerizing “How tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?” affair. In this series, prepare to get hooked on the story of one business’s journey in the startup world. Alex Blumberg told their own story of launching Gimlet Media into the podcast universe in the first season. Season two focuses on the Y Combinator matchmaking startup Dating Ring. This season highlights the very real struggle of  creating a business model around  the complicated social phenomena of hooking people up. The latest season they follow stories about a multiple companies; whether prisoners, tailors, smugglers, or tech geeks, they’re all working toward one thing – a big change.

 Zen Founder

The work/life balance has to be a balance of more than just work and home life. There are many factors that feed into personal “wellness,” as husband and wife duo Rob and Sherry Walling discuss. Topics include the importance of protecting your time and focus, how exercise helps, and the value of simplicity.


Foundr Mag Podcast with Nathan Chan

Foundr Magazine hosts voices from the brightest young entrepreneurs; it started in digital form, written for young entrepreneurs by young entrepreneurs. Nathan Chan is a perfect representative of this community, he likes to chat, is well-networked, and brilliant. On the podcast, he invites a wealth of industry leaders to his show, including Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins.




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5 Tech Events that Can’t Be Missed

Attending a tech conferences is arguably the best way to learn about the industry, meet people, and potentially advance your career. Individuals attending these conferences have the opportunity to listen to lectures by established industry leaders, while finding time to network with innovative teams and individuals. There are tons of tech conferences across the country, with a few […]

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Keeping the Glass Half Full at Clean Water Nonprofits


Clean water is a right, not a privilege.  Drinking water is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. One in nine people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water, making water one of the most valuable resources in the twenty-first century. Providing clean water to developing nations has become a regular agenda item for both governmental and non-governmental entities, but these efforts are not always effective. Countless nonprofits are working to find consistent and efficient solutions to water scarcity in developing nations.

So which ones should you keep an eye out for ? Here is a list of just a few of many nonprofits working to provide long-lasting solutions for people without clean-drinking water.

charity: water

The largest water-focused nonprofit in the United States, charity: water collects donations to bring clean and safe drinking water to impoverished groups in developing nations.

The company’s donations go entirely to clean-water technologies, such as wells, and water-filtration systems. It offers a multitude of opportunities to get involved with the charity’s mission, either by donating, fundraising, and/or volunteering. Most importantly, charity: water has done an incredible job of bringing into light the problem of clean water scarcity in the developing world.

According to a recent New York Times article, the group has collected over $100 million to finance water filtration projects; making charity: water an impressive organization in the fundraising sector. provides access to clean drinking water as well as adequate sanitation in developing countries.

Co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, is probably one of the most famous nonprofits dedicated to fighting water scarcity and promoting proper health and sanitation standards. partners with local organizations to build wells and clean sources of water. Most importantly though, it holds teaching seminars to the villages it provides services to in order to ensure a sustainable and self sufficient future. The institution also uses microfinance techniques through its initiative known as WaterCredit. This funds groups and individuals looking to build new clean-water mechanisms, such as wells or toilets.



Waterislife provides both short and long term solutions to villages lacking accessibility to clean drinking water.

Much like the nonprofits mentioned before, WaterisLife provides clean water, as well as important educational programs that help foster good hygiene and sanitation practices. It also implements long lasting and sustainable solutions that are tailored to the specific communities it works with. Recently, WaterisLife created an innovative water filtration product called The Straw, which helps create clean drinking water by removing waterborne diseases and harmful substances with each sip. This water-filtration product lasts for about a year and is easily usable for all.

Other nonprofits to look at are Drop in the Bucket, Water Can, PureMadi, and WaterforWaslala.


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to learn more about philanthropy and charity groups, and check for more information.

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