Meet Tom Cutshall

tom-cutshallTom Cutshall is currently a Business Development Officer with Capital Valley Technologies. Capital Valley Technologies is a boutique internet marketing firm that is made up of unique marketing strategies, telephonic connections, and strong technological infrastructure. Both Tom and Capital Valley Technologies serve a large variety of industries including financial services, energy, insurance, software & technologies, and many more. Tom’s role a Business Development Officer allows him to assist and engage with current and soon to be clients. Tom also helps organizations grow consumer trust, attract new prospects, illustrate corporate value, manage a wide variety of business cycles, optimize campaigns, and develop new and exciting business ventures. Tom concentrates his efforts into one main goal; finding creative and and simple marketing solutions.

When Tom is not working he is highly engaged in many philanthropic ┬áprograms in an effort to give back to his community. Tom helps to equip poverty-lain regions with the tools necessary to start “micro-businesses” and build a sustainable infrastructure. Tom uses his business development knowledge to help provide lean, efficient, and effective techniques and aid for places that otherwise would go without.

Tom’s Blog


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