Meet Tom Cutshall

tom-cutshallTom Cutshall is a well-versed business development specialist and lead generation professional. Tom guides organizations through building product identity, generating leads, tracking value, and managing performance-marketing campaigns. Tom serves a large variety of industries including financial services, energy, insurance, software & technologies, and many more. Tom’s prior role a Business Development Officer at a boutique Internet marketing firm taught him how to assist and engage with current and soon to be clients. Tom also helps organizations grow consumer trust, attract new prospects, illustrate corporate value, manage a wide variety of business cycles, optimize campaigns, and develop new and exciting business ventures. Tom concentrates his efforts into one main goal; finding creative and and simple marketing solutions.

When Tom is not working, he is highly engaged in many philanthropic ┬áprograms in an effort to give back to his community. Tom helps to equip poverty-lain regions with the tools necessary to start “micro-businesses” and build a sustainable infrastructure. Tom uses his business development knowledge to help provide lean, efficient, and effective techniques and aid for places that otherwise would go without.

Tom’s Blog

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