The Best Tech Conferences of 2018

2018 has enormous potential to bring in new and exciting technologies that the world has never seen before. Tese technological advancements usually are first presented to the world during Tech conferences held around the globe. Here is a list of conferences that are considered the best ones to attend this year.


Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


CES is considered to be the starting point of Tech conferences. CES is held in Las Vegas every year and sees staggering attendance numbers. A total of one hundred and eighty-four thousand people came to see the latest technologies to soon be breaching the market. Some highlights during the conference include Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, and Computer Hardware/Software services. For anyone who is interested in learning about new and upcoming consumer technologies, CES is the place to start.


Dublin Tech Summit


The Dublin Tech Summit is held in Dublin, Ireland for two days only. During those two days, expert speakers talk about new technology and innovations and how they apply to business practices. The topics that the Dublin Tech Summit talks about are Big Data, The Internet Of Things, FinTech, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence just to name a few. In the summit’s first year, it attracted over ten thousand people making its impression of one of the top tech conferences to attend.


Google Cloud Next


This conference was created for the Google fanatic in you. Anything Google related you want to learn about will be at this conference. The conference covers topics about machine-learning, enterprise-friendliness and the overall usage of their service in large corporations. There are plenty of demonstrations about Google’s services and different ways you can use them for your own business or startup.


IBM Interconnect


The IBM Interconnect conference is geared towards developers, analysts, tech designers, security executives and more. The conference highlights some of IBM’s most recent technologies and what they are doing to improve them and make their usage more universal. Watson is a hot topic during the conference along with Mobile Security, and IBM Research.


All of these conferences offer a well-rounded roster of expert speakers and analysts in their field. Each conference provides networking opportunities to anyone who attends as well as a sneak peek on what’s to come in the world’s industry leaders. Consider any one of these conferences the next time you are thinking about discovering more in the world of technology.

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